Now we are not one’s to judge at Celtsarehere, when your team does something beyond your wildest dreams and manages a result, it can become a cathartic experience.

Just ask Rod Stewart! When Barcelona came to town and Celtic managed a 2-1 win against the mighty Catalan’s in the Champions League he cried tears of joy as he sat in the stands, as did many others.

I also witnessed grown men brought to tears whenever Celtic stopped them in a row from happening, it’s fair to say football can evoke the most emotional of responses.

However, yesterday as we watched a drab match fizzle out to a 0-0 stalemate – while Celtic fans were frustrated there were some bears so thrilled they hadn’t been beaten that they broke down at full time with tears of joy!

Having been beaten 5-1 twice in recent memory, dumped out of multiple competitions by the Champions, it would appear the bar is so low for an emotional meltdown down Ibrox way.

Each to their own but when your’re joyfully crying because your team has managed to stay eleven points behind Celtic in a title race you claim to be in then, wow!

Maybe I’m a cold hearted cynic.


  1. If we can play hat badly (as we did 2nd half) and sevco still cannot beat us,then they celebrate as though they won the world cup, having taken only two, yes 2 points from the last seven game, we can only go and enjoy our break having played a seasons ‘ games in half a season, turned are entitled to be a”wee bit Wabbit”!!.Hail Hail.

  2. If Dembele is gone as I think he will be then Griffiths should have been first choice up front and how Ntcham was left out beggars belief but hey BHOYS lets get behind the team and manager they have done little wrong up to now”Ican only pray for a bright brand new day and do the treble once again “

  3. we should have been in control of the game by half time. some of the misses were criminal. rangers to my surprise and to their credit were on top for the majority of the second period and there could have been no complaints if they had won the match. certainly a game of two halves and two goalkeepers. they were the stars of the show. just shows you how unpredictable this great game is.

  4. Poor performance from Celtic, team and manager. If Celtic get 20 million for Dembele they will have done well. Would like to see Armstrong and Sinclair moved on as well. They are not going to improve on current form and a combined 5 million for the two. About 5 m for Simunovic and Big Pete and the Board Tories can shell out 800,000 for Hendry and Morgan. Sticking the other 29 million in bank. They sure as hell won’t spend a single penny to strengthen the team for Europe or even domestically. Despite a phenomenal unbeaten run Celtic have gone backwards in the past 6 months and are nowhere near as in front of our opponents as we think we are.

    • This is still NOT a Brendan Rodgers team, 3 transfer windows approaching a 4th and he’s yet to be fully backed by the skinflints in charge of the biscuit tin, we have a professional manager being hamstrung by an amateur self serving right wing boardroom

  5. Another world record for Sevco, the only club to achieve 2 victories at Celtic park in a year whilst dropping 4 points in the process, go to love Zombie delusion.

    Its the hope that kills them and the gift that keeps on giving

  6. Take these tears and the ecstatic reactions of the hordes, especially at a throw in in the second half, omg, as compliments. Wee teams are always like this against them big boys!

  7. I had the misfortune to pass a “private” Hun club last night,doors open,drunks outside having a fag and sing song.Usual sectarian songs being belted out by flute band inside.I asked if they were celebrating a win,kidding on I didn’t watch the game.They said no but we thought we were going to get gubbed and got a draw with Celtic being pathetic.I asked how the league positions now stood and they said it doesn’t matter,as long as they don’t get beat by f….. f…. b……Charming,what a way to view life and spend your evening.

  8. I get the impression this team is running on fumes. How many games have we played this season already. Some people have a short memory. We are in a commanding position in the league and this group of players got us there. We had a poor second half v rangers and everyone is a dude all of a sudden. This team will come back with a bang after the break. Judge them at the end of the season. You can be sure that the manager will sit down and re-assess the squad during the break.

  9. Only Reason,And there is and was Only one reason Sevco looked decent second half,Celtic just didnt seem too interested.And It made Sevco look like they were on fire,But sadly shit doesnt Burn.The Deloodeid Hoardes In tears of joy at a Draw.Second draw they have achieved in there short illustrious History.It is a clear indication of just how Warped That Lot really are,In tears of Joy at a Draw.Well they were up against Scotlands Biggest and Finest Club.What an embarrassment Even implying that Club are Somehow (Old Firm???)The Old Firm No Longer Exists.That Mantle Died Along with Rangers 1872..Facts are Facts…But Thats something They dont deal in,In this Huntry…GIRUT!!!HH


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