If his social media jibe wasn’t enough, Chris Sutton took to the BT Sports studio today and didn’t shirk from the question when he was to asked to rate Steven Gerrard’s first season at Ibrox.

The club beat Celtic at home today in a result they thoroughly deserved and the hyperbole machine is in overdrive but Sutton is having none of it.

When asked to rate the Scouser he couldn’t help but be sarcastic. No trophies, second place…great!

Celtic have won a double and have a treble treble on the horizon even though they have been far from their best. To be quite frank, Celtic were there for the taking this season in the league but Gerrard’s men only started winning when the league was all but over.

They will pat themselves on the back for their result on Sunday but it will be up to Celtic to regroup in the summer.


  1. Best team won today, and even the BBC reported on these co win! Yes and once more, the thugs got off the hook!. Flanagan’s fore are smash on Broonie was a red card every day, but the referee, after seeing plainly, gave the thug a yellow card!. Had Scott Brown been the hitter, he would have had a red! Have no doubt! And may I ask, did sevco win the European cup today? After the match ,there were weans granweans,.! grannies, granddad’s, free mason and orange lodges on the park. That’s two wins out of fourteen tries, and all the lodges are celebrating, yes even as mentioned the BBC got involved!. After Gerrard praising his team’s behaviour he was asked about the fore arm smash, but could not answer, what a hipocrite. ! Bring on next season, as for today?, Celtic have bigger fish to go after, a treble treble. Sevco will never do it, just as the went into liquidation, when trying to get the BIG cup.! Enjoy your night sevco, and once again another thug is unvieled, with Defoe also diving as though he was in Hogan baths! Hail Hail


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