The SPFL proposal to end all lower leagues as they currently stand is up in the air with journalists claiming it won’t pass.

There are three clubs undeclared at the moment.

However, TEN Premiership clubs have voted in favour of the move.

League reconstruction could be the way this current proposal gets more backing if this eventually doesn’t go through. The current situation regarding relegations isn’t palatable to some, as well as no playoff spots.

For the SPFL the proposal always included the necessity to exhaust every avenue in order to get the season played to a finish before it was called. Right now, that’s still very much in play.

For Celtic, it’s always been their preferred option.

The notion prize money could be given out before a conclusion is reached is an illogical position.

The SPFL say they will report back once they get the last of the votes in.


  1. Why have a vote, if there is no conclusion. WTF are the dunderheads at Hampden doing. This is probably the stupidest thing they could dream up. You cannot please all the people all the time. Time these tools got a real job, well that’s a contradiction, they couldn’t hold down a real job. More confusion and wasted time. 75% was the figure, it’s over that, but the vote now is irrelevant. That a shower of fools. They couldn’t boil a kettle between them.


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