If you’re wondering why the game was delayed due to a flood of tennis balls being thrown into the park by Celtic supporters – wonder no longer.

It’s another protest and response to the impending hire of police chief Bernard Higgins.

Celtic fans unveiled a banner against Livingston voicing their displeasure at the potential appointment and have promised to continue their protests until the club confirm Higgins will not be employed.

It’s been given a mixed response by fans who see a disruption to the game itself as embarrassing.

I’m sure the debate will rage on whether it was the right thing to do or or not.

Celtic fans are passionate about the club not employing Higgins who was a pivotal part of the now scrapped offensive behaviour act.

It’s a good cause but the groups involved must keep on the right side of popular opinion when they do protest. Have they done that here?


  1. They are a total embarrassment to the club.

    They do not represent Celtic fans, they only care about their own little world.

    99% of Celtic fans have no issue with Police Scotland or Higgins yet because some of the GB have, the whole club and all of us have to put up with these self obsessed stunts

    The pathetic disruption to the minutes silence also shames us in front of the whole nation

    How much longer will the board continue to pander to the GB and let them drag our name through the mud?

  2. Totally agree with Ange Baby comment.
    The GB are just not worth it…..embarrassing the club over and over.
    Just who the hell do they think they are?

    • Did you watch the first half hour against livingstone? Silence from the gb and the place was like a cemetery ffs so let’s not give it the “Celtic don’t need the gb” nonsense because we clearly do

  3. You abviously don’t attend many games at CP or you would know this person Higgins has had police Scotland harass celtic on way to games along gallowgate taken supporters out of ground while waiting to get in and searched also he instigated house raids during the night and early morning only against celtic fans and corralled GB on March to game as for GB embarrassing celtic the people who embarrassing us are you and fans like you we don’t need media getting at us with fans like you as for 99% of fans have no issue with police Scotland you can’t generalise like that

  4. Embarrassing? Refusing to accept being treated like second class citizens in the 21st century. Refusing to accept someone with a track record of targeting Celtic supporters and treating them like criminals. Really? Take your seat at the back of the bus Timmy and keep your mouth shut, there’s a good lad. In fact, the Famines over…you know the rest and seem to know your place. Get up off your knees for goodness sake.

  5. Don’t mind the protest surrounding Higgins, but please don’t embarrass this great club by not showing respect in a minute silence, this club was not formed to disrespect anyone, brother Wilfred would certainly show his respect in a minute silence all we did was embarrass this great club and go down to the depths of the Klan.


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