Celtic have notified the London Stock exchange of the termination of Peter Thomas Lawwell from the Celtic executive.

The club is now fully in the hands of Dominic McKay who can go full throttle at his new job immediately.

Peter Lawwell spent seventeen years at the club and was brought in by Dermot Desmond to clean up after the mess Celtic left themselves in during the O’Neill era.

Celtic had ageing players on big wages and it took quite a long time to finally get things under control.

Peter has had many successes at Celtic and has ultimately been an astute businessman. Where things diverge greatly is when the CEO skewed into a Football Director role.

The chief executive was a micro manager – an ex Celtic employee telling me a few years back that ‘you couldn’t change a light bulb at Celtic Park without getting the green light from Peter’.

Peter has presided over a very dominant Celtic spell. While we’ve done fantastically well, Europe and our inability to prepare has been our downfall during many campaigns.

Not building from a position of strength after Seville not signing a striker when Strachan was chasing four in a row and not properly replacing Brendan Rodgers are things which will be remembered.

Overseeing some top talent coming in like Nakamura, van Dijk and Dembele is a feather in Lawwell’s cap.

It’s been a mixed bag, and we wish Peter all the best for the future. Maybe he can go back to enjoying Celtic as a supporter.


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