If anyone at Celtic is clued into what the club is all about it is Neil Lennon, the interim manager has earned his stripes both on and off the park. The other thing Lennon is also in tune with is how much people outside the club want to see Celtic fail.

Speaking with Sky Sports the Irishman said: “It is the most important game because it is the next one, and that is really the mantra.

“We know everyone outside of the club would like to see us lose that domination, so that is the incentive for the players, the extra motivation if you want to call it that, to keep prevailing and keep coming through these really stiff tests.

“I don’t know about extra pressure, but there is a lot of talk about that (treble-treble), and it is not going to go away.

This season has had some crazy hysterics attached to it. The more successful Celtic become the more ridiculous and desperate the outsiders become to try and stop it. Today’s clash with Aberdeen will bring a massive amount of pressure on the Celtic management. This is not like the league games, a loss today will cost Celtic the chance at another treble.

Lennon needs to put fire in the Celtic player’s bellies in whatever way he can fashion, anytime Celtic have lost this season they have lacked that fire, they almost beat themselves. Aberdeen always show up, it is a long time since they were beating comfortably although it has happened. Most encounters are close and usually settled with a bit of Celtic magic. Hopefully, Lennon’s words are transferred to the pitch, with Celtic you can usually tell in the first ten minutes.


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