KRIS BOYD has used his platform on Sky Sports to tell everyone who will listen Kieran Tierney will want to leave Celtic this summer after watching Andy Robertson winning the Champions League.

The former Ibrox frontman believes it would be the right time for Kieran to jump ship and try his hand in another league. This would of course have nothing to do with wishful thinking when it comes to Celtic selling one of their best players.

Boyd, who went down south and failed miserably is urging Kieran to head there and even said the left back would be ‘annoyed’ because of Robertson’s success.

The defender has just come off a treble treble winning season with his bhoyhood heroes and Boyd is pedalling the narrative Kieran is sitting annoyed looking over the fence?

This sums up Kris up very well.

“I think maybe now his head could be turned to move. It might just be the right time. He’s seen Andy Robertson lift the Champions League…that’ll annoy him” he told Sky Sports Transfer Talk podcast.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if this summer Kieran Tierney goes.”


  1. What an eejit! This is a guy who has done nothing in the last almost 10 years telling all his hun pals what Jabba wants to say. KT is a Celtic fan, player, supporter. It may come as a surprise to the balding boyd, but not every player jumps ship like he did. Now boyd, you run off to Jabba and tell him where to stick his useless tales, up his jabba!

  2. NOO that’s truly pishful thinking,Boyd,sorry Void,should keep his stupid opinions to himself.
    IF the player himself made a public statement then that’d be different,but that’s not the case.
    Utter PISH from a serial bed wetter.

  3. Why is this alot of pish? Kieran Tierney is a Celtic fan he loves Celtic bla bla was Brendan Rodgers and we were all fooled by him, so after that how can you all rule this out categorically? I hope he doesn’t, but the simple fact is Tierney is ambitious. So hes not gona be a Celtic player for life, if you disagree then your fooled lol


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