SOME Celtic fans were less than impressed today when the official Celtic Twitter account unveiled their newest item to the Celtic FC Shop.

It wasn’t so much the item which was the problem but the price the club is charging for it.

So, if you want a signed football by Celtic’s loan signing Timothy Weah, it will set you back £150 smackeroonies.

There will be two trains of thoughts on this ‘Nae Weah!’ And ‘Uch don’t buy it if ye think it’s not worth it’. Both pretty valid but the fans commenting underneath the post are predominantly in favour of telling the club they’re a bit taken aback.

Weah has burst onto the scene at Celtic scoring two goals in his first three appearances. The fans already love him and I suppose Celtic will find out how much they love him with the number of balls they sell.

Click the link if you would like one!


    • Brilliant comment xharlie sack those fuckers upstairs the board Mark my words 100 percent u know we have had about nearly a fucking year to get defenders in still haven’t and won’t nae way I have no faith in twats mate

  1. Wonder how much the signed ball I have, from Martin O’Neill’s treble winning squad is worth ?
    It cost me nothng and means a lot to me
    Passed it on to my granddaughter
    150 quid for a ball signed by a loaneee, get a grip Celtic

  2. Celtic Supporters are not fickle being honest we have seen and heard it all before yet would walk on burning coals from John O’Groats to Lands End to support the bhoys, Yes we have all seen what happens to a team/s when in Dire Straits (IE) Money For Nothing “OK” Just making a little lite bit of harmony trying to put into perspective what happens when and if you throw good money into bad, But I must say are we heading back to the dark days when we have those that sit in their comfortable offices drinking their nice cup of coffee or tea with their nice choccy biccie’s and we as Celtic Supp’s travel far and wide in all sorts of weather after spending their hard earned cash, Sitting in frozen cold seats also sitting in a windswept rain stadium, We all can’t afford nice comfy directors boxes, We have the best supporters in the world supporting the best club in the world, We all want further success (IE) Playing In The Champions League Or The Europa League, But to take part in European competitions we “Need” those players that can play and take part in this these games, But to get these type of players our board should firstly realise, You have to speculate to accumulate every now and then, We are not going to get another {Henrik Larsson For £650,000} Unfortunately, Yes our club is financially in an excellent position, Thanks to our Chairman Mr Peter Lowwell, Love him or Loathe him, He wears the club crest on his sleeve and in his heart he really is Mr Celtic and first and foremost he is a supporter, He knows and understands what the supporters want, Not only domestic football but as I have said Champions League/Europa League Football & Get into another European Final And bringing another European Trophy Back To Paradise, We had a dream in {67} that came true with thanks to our very own {Lisbon Lions} Every member of the our great Celtic family today still has that dream today for our great club “The Celtic Board” “Its Over To You” The Ball Is In Your Court (Together We Can Do This) Sorry for ranting on but I love my club same as every supporter !!!


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