ALAN THOMPSON has made his opinion clear on Scottish referees after Celtic fans are talking about yet another performance from the man in the middle when their team picked up three points.

29th January 2023; Tannadice Park, Dundee, Scotland: Scottish Premiership Football, Dundee United versus Celtic; Referee Don Robertson checks his penalty award with VAR and overturns the decision

Alan Muir was poor tonight, and so were his linesmen. Apart from allowing Hearts to time waste without any repercussions, they just seemed to get every decision wrong, especially the big ones. They sure did try to chop Celtic’s goals off!

At one point during the first half, fans were questioning whether the referee had left his cards in the dressing room!

Taking to Twitter, former Celtic man Alan Thompson tweeted:

Scotland has poured so much money into VAR, which is far from satisfactory and has failed to tackle the route of the problem. Having referees at the top of the Scottish game that aren’t even full-time is a disgrace, and a matter that isn’t brought up nearly enough.


  1. What is wrong with Neilson ? His side were more like his cousin Denis and he starts talking like him. “Decapitation ” ? Has he lost the plot altogether ? We know he is an out and out bigot, but come on. Of course, every Shitland media outlet runs with his diabolical accusation. They really are sick and terrified of how strong Celtic are becoming under Ange. Go back in yer box Robbie and eat yer oranges.

  2. Well seeing no one has mentioned the Stam,p by the Hearts keeper on Maeda when he scored the goal which resulted in Maeda having to go off injured


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