PATRICK ROBERTS was asked by a young Celtic fan who had the better atmosphere at games – Celtic or Man City.

Considering Patrick is still owned by City and will head back in the summer we were surprised his answer was so one sided, even if it’s an easy conclusion to come to!

The midfielder’s answer to the question.

“That’s not really a question. It’s easy, Celtic. They are the best (fans) I will probably ever play in front of. Celtic by a mile, especially Champions League nights are special. Something I will take with me wherever I go,” admitted the 21-year-old

Patrick was taking part in a Q&A with young Celtic fans who had won a competition.

He seemed very relaxed and answered all the young fans questions well.

I wonder how Man City fans will react to that? Not very loudly by the sounds of it.


  1. So all celtic have to do now is pay the £15m, transfer fee to secure his signature.if you rate him so highly,sure that should not be a problem!


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