NEIL LENNON has brought up an important point which wasn’t discussed at any length after the game on Saturday and that was Don Robertson’s decision to cut the game short and only add one minute of added time to proceedings at the end of the Celtic vs Ross County game.

Celtic were 6-0 to the good and cruising when the ref decided to put County out of their misery by not prolonging the game further.

However, the Celtic manager has taken issue with this.

It’s more in focus right now because the top two are level on points at the minute but to cut games short could take vital goals away that could matter at the end of the season.

CelticTV’s Gerry McCulloch asked: ‘How important is it that the referees still add on as much time as they should at the end of the game?’

“I did say to my staff, we’ll only get one minute here because the games away.

“That’s not consistent with the law – we made three subs I think, Ross County made three so you’re looking for at least three minutes there

“It may come in handy to have couple extra minutes where we could have got one or two more.”

in an alternate scenario – even if Celtic were only 5 goals to the good the referee would have still only added one minute on when there would’ve been little chance for a sixth to take the bhoys top of the league.

It’s small margins some times and what Neil Lennon is asking is for the laws of the game to apply.

You add 30 seconds on for every sub and round about the same for goals scored during a game. There should have been three or four minutes without a doubt. Adding one was a shocker.


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