Someone at Birmingham Live has had a nightmare.

Transfer rumours on the whole are usually fair game, some have truth to them, others not so much. But there are some rumours which are just plain ridiculous.

Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you, the Jack Hendry to Aston Villa rumour.

Birmingham Live is reporting Aston Villa are keen on the Celtic defender, currently out on loan in Belgium but have been told it will cost £10m to pry him away from Celtic this summer.

There’s just so much wrong with this.

The defender has had a good season in Belgium but that particular asking price has been plucked out of thin air. Someone looking at the average price Celtic players go for and coming up with an absurd number.

Furthermore, the defender has a £1.75m clause [RecordSport] in his loan deal to sign for Oostende permanently if both he and the club want to make it official this summer.

I’d be surprised if Villa were even interested, but to be honest, if they are and they want to spend £10m, if I was Oostende I’d pay the cash and then sell for profit! The publication did comment on this, however, just because there is a permanent clause on the table doesn’t mean Jack has to say yes to it.

Let’s file this one under ‘maybe’.


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