CELTIC are safely through to the play-off round of the Champions League after seeing off Rosenborg on their home turf.

After a nervy second half, Celtic took the lead thanks to a top finish by James Forrest. That goal has bagged Celtic a minimum of £8million from European football.

The club is now GUARANTEED European football up until Christmas, even if they were to lose the play-off round of the Champions League they would drop into the Europa League group stages.

Obviously, the aim is now to get into the group stages once again and get upwards of £30million for our European exploits and hopefully put on a show a show for the fans.

The playoff draw is on Friday.


  1. Rodgers needs to strengthen still no ifs or buts fae the Irish man get into gear sign a decent centre half and other celtic players need to step up to plate we will probably get a hard draw Friday I still don’t feel that confident about cellic sinclair Armstrong hayes garbage tonite brown not much better either Rodgers needs to get a proper midfield needs a proper playmaker tae

    • Totally agree but you still have to remember we’ve not started our season yet. We’ll be in better shape before the next round. Keep the faith. HAIL HAIL

    • Get a grip, panic merchant. We were comfortable and will probably reach group stage without too many worries. Well done Celtic, keep going as we were and we’ll hit the Champions league running, time to turn back the clock and show the good folks of Europe what we’re all about!! CFC all the way, btw Sinclair was excellent tonight.

      • Paul William is right wee need defenders forwards midfielder’s When u start shifting players all out of position that is when wee get problems the squad is not big enough for what wee want as fans & a club This is 50yrs case u for got of CL Cup lol & all the players were Scottish so let’s get the young players in & give them a chance Aja not even in squad so as paying fans supporters wee have the right to be worried hh ktf

  2. Midfield is packed with good players .. Defo need a cb and striker but great performance tonight .. Sinclair was outstanding but we expect nothing less
    . He was all over the field big jozo .. get him signed on a longer deal he is oozing class that laddie.. Armstrong looks as if he wasn’t interested Brown had a off night but I’m ecstatic with what br is doing

  3. Armstrong looks as if he will be away, he was poor tonight. I would sell him tomorrow if he wants to go. I have said for a while now when Sinclair is in the mood, we play. He was very quiet tonight although he did a lot of chasing back etc. The one time he ran at the defence and played it wide for Forrest paid off. We were poor tonight for bits of the game but we got through which is the most important thing.

  4. Isn’t there a wee Brazilian up for grabs from today ?????
    Only joking bhoys, in Brendan we trust…..
    Ghod bless and YNWA HH GBGC

  5. Said it for weeks now,get as much for Armstrong as we can and move on! It’s as clear as day he doesn’t want to be there! Thought for playing a team so far into there season and us still in pre season it was always goin to be a struggle! But apart from 10 min in 2nd half I thought we strolled it! Some difference when Griffiths came on! Another top centre back to play next to jozo is a must for me! And wee paddy back would top it off lol

    • Danny I agree Nobody bigger than our Club I have said from the start no sign then sell for as much as wee can get.Also it start problems in dressing room plus the young players feel bad for not getting there chance hh ktf

  6. Sell Armstrong, bank the cash and put a NEVER FOR SALE SIGN on our beating heart that is KT!
    Start a petition of apology from the many thousands of our fans who slate Jamesie as he runs his socks off for us every week!!

  7. Superb the night great to be guaranteed European football till at least Christmas hopefully we can still get a couple in through the door would like to think that tonight’s result will free up extra cash to add quality to the squad , all I want for Christmas is for wee paddy to be wearing the hoops again very soon , great job again from BR he made some great changes and the BHOYS didn’t disappoint HH

  8. Need a reality check sometimes guys. Its a huge achievement if we make the big party, considering the product we have to play week in/out. Well done the hoops.

  9. Spend it on paddy Roberts get him inn and a nother sticker or bring up 1 of the 23 team that plays up there as look at defiance when he came on so if we have already put up 6mil add a nother 3 mil out of the 8 mil still leaves 5 mil and the cash we have from sale of 2/3 that’s gone come home paddy hail hail??????????

  10. Sinclair was great second half brown as always worked his arse off I feel some folk need to take steps back tbh just remember our season hasn’t really started yet hail hail

  11. WTF am I reading. Rosenberg sat so deep where there was literally no space in the last quarter of the pitch to play. Any player at the highest level struggles to break down such teams. How much ground did Sinclair cover last night? He literally worked his ass off chasing down lost causes! Armstrong was fantastic last season, but again he maybe wasn’t as influential as he can be but he put in a hell of a shift. Too many wan to be managers! BR knows what he’s doing! Undefeated league winners, Treble winners! Group stages of the CL! We’ve come this far in PRE SEASON not conceding! I’d also love to see the support get off wee Forests back! Cracking goal last night, played out of position & he never flutters! He’s Celtic through & through! The boy raked in £8 million with that goal! C’MON THE HOOPS!

  12. WTF are fans complaining about for years we have been piss poor away from home in Europe but last night I felt the hoops played a great game away we dominated possession. Created chances and looked comfortable at the back. Some fans need a reality check we have no divine right to win any game you have to appreciate the good place we are at right now. I feel some hoops fans don’t remember the 90s or have only followed the hoops since the MON era get a fuckin grip????

  13. What’s with the Irishman bit Michael ? He is a manager who has brought this club to another level in such short period and I for one don’t question one decision he has made up to now leave things to him and the fact he is Irish is irrelevant.

  14. Does anyone know how that new club from liebrox got on i heard pedro saying on radio his team have made some PROGRES in Europe it took them 5 years toget their but it only took 90 mins toget fucking rid of them and MR REGAN AND DONCASTER could.nae help them because uefa have got their own rules while the SCOTTISHFA make there own rules while they go along to help newco sevco ranjurs so mr king is gonnae pop into hampden tae have a wee cup of tea with the TWO BIGGEST CORRUPT BASTARDS IN SCOTTISH FOOTBALL REGAN DONCASTER SHOULD RESIGN NOW.

  15. There are no easy results in Europe
    Each one has to be meticulously planned with each player giving 100% push on concentration whilst carrying out field play and also ready to amend play and personnel throughout and our bhoys were warriors in commanding this footie warfare throughout.

    I commend each and every bhoy they really are heroes.

    Let’s not forget our invincible’s year. The strength of each mind body and soul working in cohesion to the ultimate prize our bhoys are Mhen

    Their strength of character is unwavering for our club and our very own James Forrest is a complete trouper. Love you son and I am very proud of my team.

    They conduct themselves like gentleman and should inspire a generation.

    They have given so much and yet I will ask for more.

    Because they are very strong, mentally and physically and my big pal God I know all about miracles and these mhen have created and engineered a few.

    Scotty brown my favourite player and crush. He’s just all man grr.

    Bursting with class. I love you and I believe in you so very much I am bursting with pride. Thank you. HH


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