Celtic manager Ange Postecoglou is renowned for his phone calls that often leave players stunned and desperate to join the Scottish champions. However, this time, Ange phoned new coach Harry Kewell and worked the same trick.

Speaking to Celtic TV, Celtic’s new first-team coach revealed that he was going for another job before the boss got in touch with him. After the phone call, Harry only had one answer and was preparing for his move to Celtic.

The Aussie said;

“I was actually going into an interview for another job. I thought it went really well and I was looking forward to the call back. He just had to do a few movements of something else.

“In between that time, I actually had a call from the manager. The way he spoke to me, the way he presented the job I said yes straight away. I didn’t even worry about the next part because I felt it was the opportunity for me to learn from not only a great manager but a great Australian manager who is starting to take his work into Europe.

“his ideas of what he wants to come across, he’s very forefront about what he wants from his players, it’s very similar to what I like. As I said, the way he spoke to me about football and what he wants from me, I said virtually there, straight away ‘I’ll come’.”

The Backroom Structure

With Harry joining Ange’s backroom, a member of last season’s team had to go. Stephen McManus has rejoined the B side, after stepping up when Neil Lennon departed the hoops.

Ange Postecoglou is structuring the club into the way he believes it should be. Last season, the manager started with the on-field element, before adding people to behind-the-scenes roles. Now, Postecoglou is reshaping his inner circle, bringing in coaches who mirror his vision of football.

There are certainly exciting times ahead with Postecoglou at the wheel.


  1. Aye Ange knows what he’s doing! We finally have a manager we can relax with knowing he’ll produce the goods and all we need to do is our part in supporting the team.

    The club it seems is in its best position in years, with everyone pulling in the same direction!


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