So, Barry Ferguson has taken his seat on the PLZ Soccer panel alongside Roughy and Peter Martin.

To be honest, he is less nauseating than your Kris Boyd’s and Alex Rae’s of the world who are sycophantic cheerleaders.

However, earlier this season, he did bite when Celtic fan Peter Martin asked if there was any way back for Rangers* after falling three points behind Celtic.

His faced drop and he proclaimed to Peter, we’re three points behind, not thirteen!


As we all know, as the SPFL season is postponed until further notice the bhoys are thirteen points clear at the top of the table. Maybe Barry is a prophet!

At least he accepts that a thirteen point gap is an insurmountable gap that can’t be clawed back. Something they all might not like to hear in the coming weeks.

Hopefully, we can resume the season and make the gap bigger.


  1. Would some kind person please give Barry a spare brain cell, that might stop his one active brain cell from feeling lonely.


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