The new Celtic shirt has been leaked by FootyHeadlines and we’ve given people a few hours to digest New Balance’s latest offering in their series of Hooped Jerseys.

This season’s effort wasn’t very well received but it wasn’t too radical. However, if you’re a traditionalist when it comes to the Hoops then you’re going to HATE this jersey.

The white shoulders and the lack of hoops on the sleeves, along with perceived different sized green hoops makes this one of the more ‘out there’ home Celtic shirts in some time.

Celtic fans are a picky bunch but New Balance don’t make it easy! This new shirt maybe grow on some people, others will continue to hate it and some people will buy it even though they don’t like it. As we get closer to a historic ten-in-a-row we want to see classic designs back on show with a little twist. This might be a bridge too far.

Check comments below.

CelticFansTV wrote “These leaked kits aren’t getting much better.

“This is probably the real kit too as it matches the template of the Liverpool kit that was officially confirmed today 🤦🏻‍♂️

“We’re not Yeovil Town!?

Aidan Ritchie: “Yet another horror show from New Balance. I haven’t been this upset since Triple H beat The Rock at Wrestlemania 2000.”

@MagicMaldini: “Just happy that this is our final year with new balance”

@Kayalsmith91: “New Balance, go home you’re drunk!”

@ChazMcdonald67: “Get Umbro back now, this is Abysmal!”



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