MIKAEL LUSTIG only got the first half against Thistle last night before being hooked for Leigh Griffiths.

The Swede had a shocking first half against Partick, conceding a debatable penalty but generally looking out of sorts throughout the first 45 minutes.

Some Celtic fans who have been saying for a while he looks off the pace are even more convinced while others are starting to believe Lustig is not what he used to be, regardless of their affinity towards him.



  1. We wont bring in anymore defenders,Guaranteed.The Zenit game is as far as we are going in the Europa,Guaranteed.How are we meant to show progress in Europe when We arent showing Ambition in the transfer market.To be honest against Partick we could easily have dropped points if it wasnt for Griff saving the Day,Again.

  2. Absolute nonsense. Lustig was amazing last season and has dipped like the rest of the team. Pretty sad a Celtic site takes and handful of opionions on social media after an uncharacteristic mistake and uses them to vilify the player. Not good enough by a long shot.

  3. Lustig is a bombscare but so is Boyata, it’s been clear for some time but the fans seem to think he is the dugs baws and sing funny songs about him. Thank god rodgers made the change at half time and it turned the game. It’s not been good enough this season but last was a huge 3 points but they still had those chances at the death which scares the hell out of me, we should be putting the game to bed with chances we had .

  4. Lustig and Boyata,Related???They have got one mighty thing in common.Giving Us the Bloody Jitters with there performances.Ive seen Lustig play a good game,But cant remember when last that was,As for Boyata.Well what more needs said,Bombscare……..Zenit Will Be Licking There Lips and Rubbing There Hands at the prospect of Facing Our Defence.Always Next Year,I spose…Each and Every Tim has there Take on the Team.Try not to get too Hysterical.Could be worse,We could be Sevco…..HH Nae Danger


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