We have had a lot of fans outwith and even inside the Celtic Support who have criticised Celtic for not meeting Hibs valuation of John McGinn straight off the bat in their pursuit of the midfielder.

The fee is believed to be £3million plus add-ons if Celtic want him this summer.

The club has been under the spotlight for ‘lowballing’ the Easter Road sie and hoping to do a deal on the cheap while at the same time demanding big money for Stuart Armstrong.

Here is why that comparison is absolutely bogus.

Both players are/were on the last year of their contract with their respective clubs but that’s where the similarities end.

When Celtic demanded such a high fee for Armstrong from Southampton the club knew the Premier League club wouldn’t bat an eyelid at that figure but also, and more importantly they know when a Premier League club wants a player they want him yesterday!

We continually see players going for big money in England even though they’re on the last year of their deals because they simply can’t and won’t wait to bring in the players they want.

With so much at stake down south – from trying to survive in order to keep milking the cash cow that is the Premier League to simply spending in order to stay still. It’s quite remarkable the fees and the lengths EPL clubs will go to in order to get their man through the door.

In the case of Stuart Armstrong – Southampton wanted him NOW and there was a price to pay for that. A price by Southampton’s standards that they could more than afford to send Celtic’s way.

The John McGinn situation is much different.

The player is in the last year of his deal, but unlike the hectic and stressful nature of the EPL, Celtic CAN afford to wait for their man.

While the club has lost Armstrong there are still enough players with quality in the current crop to offset the loss of Stuart in the short term.

Hibs are demanding an amount of money that Celtic do have, but would it be good business to bow to the Easter Road side’s demands? Of course it wouldn’t.

£2million for a player who is heading into the last year of his deal is a great offer.

If Hibs hold out for over £3million then they may lose the player come January in a deal which would be more financially lucrative for John McGinn.

John is desperate for the move to happen and there is a willingness from Celtic to try and chip away at Hibs resolve, but there’s only so much the club should do.

If Celtic fans need to wait 6 months or even 12 to land the midfielder on a free – there wouldn’t be too many complaints.



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