At least three media outlets have run the story over the past 12 hours that Steven Gerrard had personally thanked Brendan Rodgers for loaning out Andy King to Ibrox for the season.

The only problem is, he did nothing of the sort. In a headline that was chosen to try and antagonise the Celtic support, we saw SunSport, Clyde One Superscoreboard and the chief writer at the Herald run with similar headlines.

Steven Gerrard thanks Brendan Rodgers.

For the avoidance of doubt – Steven Gerrard did not even speak to Brendan Rodgers during this transaction and all the Ibrox manager did was thank Leicester themselves for letting King go out on loan.

Gerrard also admitted he was offered the player and jumped without a moment’s hesitation to bring him in. The numbers game at Ibrox more important than due diligence as they try and take the title from Celtic.

“Did I speak to Brendan?” said Gerrard. “No, This came very recently. We thank Leicester for the opportunity because you and I know from a financial situation there is no way in the world we can bring Premier League players in here.”

A headline designed to try and wind up the Celtic support with too many jumping on the bandwagon.


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