NEIL LENNON is the man with a lot to answer for this afternoon – such is the nature of a derby defeat, the losing manager’s always going to have their feet held to the fire. However, to pass it off as just a loss would be criminal. This was an embarrassing and gutless loss.

Tactically, we didn’t have a plan and as the game wore on he continued to believe we would get joy. One-shot on target if you count Leigh Griffiths rounding the keeper but that could easily be counted as a pass rather than a shot.

Neil Lennon didn’t have some of his top players to pick out and even I could admit the game was going to be tough, but that performance even surpassed my wildest non-expectation.

We offered nothing and while our rivals deserved the win, they didn’t do anything outstanding; effective and efficient, carried out their tactical jobs well and got the goals they needed.

Celtic are four points behind in the title race with a game in hand and will have to play catch up for a lot of the season if they want to go for ten in a row.


  1. Lennon needs to go after this. His selections are getting worse every week, and that ridiculous 361 formation doesn’t work.
    He should resign before we can’t salvage the season.
    Klimala shouldn’t even have a squad number never mind start a game this important.
    We should be ripping off the arm of anyone who wants ntchambles. Get him to fuck.
    Can’t see what the big wxcitemnt was around Duffy. He’s been bang average so far. Made a tonne of mistakes.
    Barkas is a hologram.

    • Totally agree with you about Duffy,and “Barkas is a hologram” is the best description i’ve heard for a long time mate.
      If it wasn’t so tragically true,i’d laugh. 🖒

  2. Lennon is rotten.

    He gets us pumped out of the CL every season getting beaten by utter dross. The man knows nothing about tactics and a blind man on a galloping horse would have see that a formation change was needed after 20 minutes.

    But he is so arrogant that he won’t change anything, because to do that would admit that he was wrong all along.

    Getting Turnbull to tog out on 86 minutes is beyond comprehension. If i was Turnbull, and he told me to strip on 86 minutes and 2-0 down, i would have told him to go f u c k himself.

  3. Pathetic, embarrassing performance, I said it months ago if we don’t get rid of lennon (he should do the decent thing and resign) and his backroom staff or forget 10IAR.I also said it was a crap transfer window, Duffy ( can’t pass a ball, commits to many fouls and rash tackles) can’t get in a poor Brighton team. Goalkeeper is below average. Eluseless can’t get in a sh*t Southampton team. Ajeti couldn’t get in a poor West ham team, yet our manager and his backroom staff think they are good enough for CELTIC. GET RID OF BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!

  4. The manager needs to move over if he has lost the dressing room every time i watch them play they look slow and not fit and just do not put there foot in where it hurts to win games if the manager has lost dressing room then he moves over now and let a new manager come in and take over, the players look done with Brown and the manager we can see this clear now brown is captain and should be dropped to bench he has lost it bit part player now to end of season…

  5. Most people say its a knee-jerk reaction to defeat by shouting for Lennons head (metaphorically) but they are the ones who need a wake up call.
    Poor as they were today,Darren Fletcher called it today when he said certain players have been bailing Celtic out…(and bailing Lennon out too)
    He’s clueless,uninspiring,talks utter pish,and i’ll be gobsmacked if h’s still in charge come monday teatime. I believe he’s crippled by fear and crushed by the burden of 10 in a row,as well as being just plain out of his depth as our manager. Seems obvious that the players just don’t believe in him,or his tactics and method,if you can even call them such.
    He’s stifled almost every bit of creativity and freedom the players might have had…they were winners,but now look like beaten men. Nobody playing with any sense of joy or real pride. Shane Duffy is a fucking scowling,whinging,talentless tree trunk…cut from the same cloth as Lennon if you ask me. Ntcham just looks like a devout coward…what Lennon sees in him,i do not know.
    To be honest,if i sat on the bench watching some of these players getting the nod over me on matchdays,i’d be seriously considering wanting to fuck outa there too…and ‘Oor Neil’ wonders where the poor attitude and lack of enthusiasm comes from ? Rank bad management,that’s where,Neil.
    Ffs resign.


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