Before the game on Wednesday evening, our Editor brought up a very interesting fact about Celtic’s away day woes when it comes to their final outing of the season.

Before the game at Easter Road, Celtic had won just two of their final away games of the season in nine seasons. Tonight they made it two in ten, falling to a 4-2 defeat to Hibs in a match that had just about everything.

What does that Celtic stat tell us?

Celtic has wrapped up most of their league titles by the time the final away day comes around. There seems to be a common theme that the players either down tools or the manager play a soft squad against the opposition. At Easter Road I think we saw a bit of both.

While the bigger picture is Celtic have won the league and did it with plenty of games to spare, we still turn up to these games, and we still take time to sit and watch the champions. Watching them for the past three games has felt like a chore at times.

All will be forgotten on Saturday when Celtic lift the league trophy. Funnily enough, Celtic lost to Aberdeen the last time the Dons came for trophy day.


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