Celtic fans were crying out for a Director of Football to be appointed at the club back in the summer.

However, going by the evidence presented to us, this role, or something similar, is not required at Celtic for the time being while Ange is in charge of the club.

A more pressing matter for many supporters is the team’s fragility at defending set pieces.

Many are toying the idea that the club should look to bring in a set-piece coach for both attacking and defending to really up our game in both departments.

Postecoglou hasn’t chosen his backroom squad; he has kept what was left by his predecessor with some hires in the data department since the Australian came in.

One of the primary roles of a DoF is to take charge of the incoming and outgoings. But Ange has shown he is capable of doing this himself.

The squad is filled with new faces, and they have all gelled together well to this point. It shows that Postecoglou is capable of working without additional support. You don’t change things when there aren’t going wrong.

Ange has mastered the signings with the help of his scouts and built this squad to fit his philosophy.

A set piece specialist coach was also something fans wanted to see last year. It was a much different side then but the same issue was there.

Most SPFL clubs will look to soak up our attacks while hoping to win a corner or a free kick in our final third to throw a ball into the box. Dundee didn’t have much of the game on Sunday but two set pieces were our undoing and could’ve cost us dearly.


  1. Quite simple, to stop the rot at set pieces, as the ball comes in if the goalkeepers not getting it. Make sure someone else is. I e. Goalkeepers have hands that are very useful extended above their heads to grab, punch both the baw and other players. Try this, it may work.

    Often the simplest answer is the best one, Ohh and it’s not taking pictures with fans.


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