The Celtic Trust will be taking part in a Q&A as they look to answer questions and debate the merits of Celtic issuing shares to season ticket holders.

The podcast will go live at 7pm on Wednesday evening and see a host of Celtic fan media outlets take part and ask questions surrounding the proposal.

The Celtic Trust believe season ticket holders should be given a stake in the club for their financial commitment during these very tough times.

It’s seen as a cost-effective way of compensating the Celtic support without the club taking a massive financial hit. All the club would be covering is small administration fees.

Any major share issue would slightly dilute the shares at present but would only impact wealthy shareholders.

The Celtic Trust’s pitch to the club has two very difficult hurdles:

  • Celtic changed their terms and conditions at the start of the season and aren’t legally obligated to offer any refund to supporters. You can argue there’s a moral obligation to see the fans right but the club could effectively ignore any calls for compensation if they wished.


  • The Trust believe each supporter should get the value of shares reflecting the games they missed minus £90. The £90 is to reflect what the Celtic fans have actually paid for in The Trust’s eyes. It’s not a figure plucked out of thin air, currently, overseas fans are paying £180 for ALL the games home and away so half that and you get the £90 pass fee. This is where they face a massive stumbling block – getting the club to admit their £500+ season tickets only had a real value of £90. It would be debilitating for the renewal campaign.

If you have any questions for the Trust this evening or want to learn more about the proposal then 7pm tonight is your chance to get involved.

We have spoken with Trust activists in recent days about the proposal and believe it’s an avenue worth exploring but still remains a tough pitch. The aim of this evening is to be completely transparent and answer any major concerns.

It’s worth pointing out the club was committed to giving the supporters ‘added value’ – at this point, we’ve not even had anything close to the actual value, never mind anything added.

Follow The Trust on social media and get onto ACSOM channels at 7pm. You can watch the live broadcast on Youtube, Facebook and Twitter.

You can also read the FAQs on the proposal over on their website – click here.


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