It’s only been a month or so since Brendan Rodgers left the building but since his departure, the status of the next full time manager of the club has been up for speculation.

Fans have their choices, pundits have their preferred candidate but nobody knows who it will be, come the summer. But Andy Walker has a sneaky suspicion it will be the cheaper of the choices.

Walker, who is disliked by a majority of the Celtic support for his constant negative views on Celtic, believes the next Celtic manager will be the CHEAP option. The pundit believes the large investment they put into Brendan Rodgers will not be matched when a new man is put in place.

For Walker, the board will be looking to downsize. The squad and manager’s wage bill will fall in the coming months as Celtic slowly put the Rodgers era behind him.

Speaking to SunSport Walker said.

The bigger question is, ‘What do the Celtic board want?’ Look what they brought when they invested in Rodgers. ‘Invested’ is the keyword.

“He cost them a lot of money, to give him a big salary and the type of wage bill that’s maybe scary to many of the Celtic directors now.

“The priority at Celtic is to get that wage bill down.

“In order to do that you might bring in someone who’s available, who’s cheaper than Rodgers and who’s capable of doing the job.”

Basically, the pundit is of the opinion Neil Lennon will get the job because he’s the cheap option and will work with a smaller budget than what other candidates would be happy to work with.



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