Scottish Football has been in a sad and sorry state when it has come to officiating for decades. Actually, it has been rotten to the core from the top all the way down onto pitchside for way too long.

Lately, it seems the men in black and the people supposed to be managing them are constantly in the headlines. This season, the SFA and referees have embarrassed the game in Scotland over and over again.

Chris Sutton might be a bit biased, but he is a cheerleader for the Scottish game when so many others make money from putting the boot in. The one thing Sutton can’t defend is Scottish refs. In fact, he seems as embarrassed by them as much as anyone. In his latest social media post, Sutton has taken issue with the compliance officer and this time it’s to question a decision against a certain Ibrox side.

There seems to be no end to the incompetence, the people in charge of our game are keeping it in the dark ages for whatever agenda. Every single club in Scotland has had enough. It’s time for some drastic changes.



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