When your team has you agreeing with Neil McCann the jig is up, but that’s where we find ourselves today after more dropped points. It was a salvage operation in the end but it never had to be, self-inflicted wound again and again cost Celtic yesterday and all season for that matter.

We noticed this at the time and Neil McCann brought it up after the game when the penalty was struck yesterday, only one Celtic player ran in for any potential rebound scenario. Check the image our social media page posted below; you will see Bitton and Jeremie Frimpong standing idle as Jamie Murphy runs in and tucks away the rebound.

It’s embarrassing and infuriating in equal measure.

McCann brought this up on the radio as cited by SunSport.

“Neil Lennon’s talking about the lack of hunger and laziness.

“Frimpong and Bitton, when the penalty has been struck, are still standing there with their hands on their hips.

“That is criminal.

“You have to compliment Murphy who follows in, he’s on the front foot and Ajer is trying to recover.

“Both Bain and Ajer are furious, and quite rightly so. You can’t get done like that.

“That is unacceptable defending from Frimpong and Bitton.”

He’s absolutely correct!

Why are two defenders just ball watching, you run in and enter the box as soon as that balls been struck, like Ajer has done, in case you need to mop up after a save. Both are just staring at it and have no chance of getting there when Murphy blasts it home. Scott Bain has every right to be fuming with the defensive duo.

It’s just not good enough.


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