A feature in the Scotsman today has revealed that Celtic have been the most complained about football team in Britain as of late when it comes to OFCOM complaints.

The Scotsman writes:

Statistics from Ofcom revealed that the Scottish Premiership side garnered 332 complaints – more than seven times that of nearest rivals Manchester United with 48 and more than 30 times the number of complaints registered about rivals Rangers between August 2019 and August 2020.

Now, the spin would suggest, we as a club are bing antagonistic or provocative to garner so many complaints.

But, from what we can gather, the complaint was against Kris Boyd’s tirade after the final whistle where he started hitting out at Leigh Griffiths for missing games knowing full well he was off long term because of mental illness.

Ofcom said: “The complaints made about Griffiths’ celebration fell under the “generally accepted standards” category of complaint.”

Leigh Griffiths scored that night and delivered a cheeky celebration to a pundit who had been shouting his mouth off about him in the press. Boyd didn’t take it well at the time and being an advocate for mental health himself, should have known better.

Celtic addressed the comments at the time and Sky Sports were notified about the tirade.

This was near enough the same time as a Sky Sports interview with Alfredo Morelos was mistranslated to represent Celtic fans in a very bad light.

Leigh has it the goal trail for Celtic again at the weekend and is pushing for a start against Lille on Thursday night. Let’s hope he doesn’t offend any French punters watching on TV.


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