We wrote earlier today about TalkSport listing the ‘passion’ and ‘ferocity’ of derby games around the world which put the Glasgow Derby as only 12th on the table.

More importantly, they put the Manchester Derby at second on the list of the most ferocious derbies in the world just behind Boca Juniors vs River Plate. Yes, you read that correctly!

So imagine our surprise when Henry Winter’s posted this embarrassing photo below from outside the second most passionate derby in the world.

A half and half scarf.

£10! What a bargain.

This clearly shows the ludicrous nature of the TalkSport derby rundown who wouldn’t understand passion if it hit them in the face.

If they want to rank derbies in terms of the sort of money spent on the on-field talent then, of course the Manchester Derby would be up there. But to demote the Glasgow Derby to outside the top ten just because whoever made the list doesn’t like Celtic winning all the time is a bit pathetic.


  1. They wouldn’t know how to spell derby, I’ve been to many games some Derby’s in England and I have seriously seen more passion on a Sunday league game , England have sold a great myth to the world that the passion of there fans is the envy of the football world , but trust me it is a myth , just like the myth man untd , man city , Liverpool , Chelsea , Spurs , with the likes of Barca and real Madrid r the biggest clubs in the world yet I have yet to come across a pi ub it club dedicated to any of these clubs outside of there own city, yet I have yet to go any where and not found a Celtic pub to watch the game , Celtic football club is the biggest supported club in the world , and Celtic v rangers is the biggest derby in the UK by a long way , fact


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