So with the Hamilton game in the books, all attention now turns to Hampden next Sunday when Celtic will look to get to the Scottish Cup Final when they take on The Rangers.

Celtic have not been at their scintillating best, and they weren’t the last time around at Ibrox but still did enough on the day to come out winners – even with ten men.

With the teams set to do battle next weekend, not that the players need any more motivation but every one of them should watch the scenes of celebration when The Rangers fans saw they had drawn Celtic in the final four.

Of course, this is when they had gone full on delusional before they were put back in their box at Ibrox. It’s still worth a watch before they head out onto the Hampden turf.

What’s more, the players and management should be aware of the dressing room euphoria from the Ibrox players themselves when they got this draw.




  1. We still have to go and win the game, and if we apply ourselves properly, then that’s what we will do. Anything short of that and we will have levelled the playing field and presented them with an opportunity to cause a shock

  2. What do expect from pigs Except GRUNTS.
    Idiots Cheering on their own destruction but then they are what they are.. Feeble Minded
    Who else would have bought into and swollowed the idea that they were the “Peeple” from a lot of C**Artists.
    The old saying is true in their case.. “A fool and his money are soon parted”.
    They thought that the World could not do without “The peeple’sRangeers well GUESS WHAT it will be a better place when they are gone yet again. For good this time as they are financially poisonous and the world and its dog knows it.
    Pub football is all they are fit for. HH

  3. Par for the course. When your hero is a wife beating fascist you can dress yourself up in a pub striped suit but your is and social skills will always be in the gutter.

  4. They should`ve titled this `The Final Cut`. At least their all drunken and happy, and their support act of a team fool of journeymen, got themself this far.

    Its up to you Mr Rogers, and the team assembled on the day, to finish this sad amalgamation of players, and send them packing for urgent transfer. As if you beat them again, you get to keep them.

    HH YTDP.

  5. After 3 2 to Celtic at ibrokes with 10 men.then losing to Killie week later at home then snatching a draw off Motherwell week following that at home ,I think they regret that ,😂😂😂😂 broony even said after win ” they done a lotta talking but we kept quiet,left that to them,we done our talking on the park”


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