No doubt most people reading this have woken up over the last few days with an overwhelming desire to climb back into the womb you came from, or at least take the fetal position, turn off your phone and bury your head with an unnatural fear of nothing?

It’s not celebrated enough. Brendan Rodgers record in Glasgow derbies is the Christmas present you always wanted but wouldn’t ask for because it was a bit far fetched. In my lifetime, this is as good as it gets against city rivals.

Rodgers has never lost to four different Rangers* managers over three seasons. For a moment try to pretend really hard that your city rivals are bringing a manager with that record.

  • A manager who went invincible.
  • A manager who won a double treble.
  • A manager who has won all seven domestic trophies on offer to him.

Celtic fans can only imagine how much hope is crushed from opposition fans when you read Rodgers record in all its glory.

Rodgers came to Celtic in the summer of 2016. Since then he has managed Celtic in twelve derby games that look like this:

Celtic 5-1 Rangers (SPFL) – 10/09/16
Rangers 0-1 Celtic (League Cup) – 23/10/16
Rangers 1-2 Celtic (SPFL) – 31/12/16
Celtic 1-1 Rangers (SPFL) – 12/03/17
Celtic 2-0 Rangers (FA Cup) – 23/04/17
Rangers 1-5 Celtic – 29/04/17 (SPFL)
Rangers 0-2 Celtic – 23/09/17 (SPFL)
Celtic 0-0 Rangers – 30/12/17 (SPFL)
Rangers 2-3 Celtic – 11/03/18 (SPFL)
Celtic 4-0 Rangers – 15/04/18 (FA Cup)
Celtic 5-0 Rangers – 29/04/18(SPFL)
Celtic 1-0 Rangers – 02/09/18 (SPFL)

Of course, all this means nothing going into the next derby. But the Irishman’s record is enough to give his opposite number some sleepless nights and plenty of overthinking.

The pressure is all Steven Gerrard.


  1. Celtic 12 – Rangers 0 in the last 330 minutes – plus injury time – across all competitions in this fixture.

    Just sayin…


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