The Fhickle fan.

He wants it all, and he wants it now!

He does not care for what you’re TRYING to build. Nor does he care for the constraints that are placed upon you.

Lose a match? Feel his wrath!

No one knows that better than Neil Lennon.

The abuse he has had from certain sections of the support has been way over the top especially after last nights defeat. Fans demanding his head on a plate after crashing out of all competitions this season have very short memories.

Has this been a disappointing season? You bet ya!

Could we have done better? Of course we could of.

Does Neil Lennon and his team deserve criticism? Definitely!

The gaffer isn’t immune from criticism but not the nonsensical foaming at the mouth ranting that you see so often on social media – level headed judgement with perspective is needed.

Neil Lennon has given a lot to us and this club as player and a manager. This season has not been a vintage one, after last seasons success, fans expectations went through the roof and Celtic haven’t delivered this time round. So we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and get ready to go again. Neil deserves the opportunity to take this club forward next season without fear of being castigated by impatient fans. At times it seems Lennon is one opposition goal away from being ostracized by a section of the support. This is unproductive for everyone.

Now I’m sure I’ll have people reading this who are going to tell me they can do and say what they want. I appreciate your opinion is as valid as mines. All I’m saying is, gain a little perspective before screaming for things or telling us how many cups we have been knocked out of under Lennon etc. Look at where we were when Lenny took over and look what we’ve managed to achieve.

The man deserves more loyalty than he’s getting from the fhickle fan who watched us get to the last 16 of the Champions league last season but greets his face off when we don’t deliver this season.

Lets take the good with the bad, have a wee moan when we fall short, give our tactical advice to anyone who will listen and tell Lenny where he’s going wrong.

Did I mention we’re heading for 3 in a row…



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