NEIL LENNON has played some of the players he’s trusted more often than not this season, even when they’ve proven to be anything but trustworthy when it comes to results.

The lineup in Dingwall on Sunday night had me thinking the Hoops gaffer had enjoyed a few large ones on the way to the game.

Cramming in creative midfielders into a system that doesn’t suit many of them, gives us no width and leaves three strikers on the bench, any one of them who could have partnered Edouard on the night.

It was a misfire that came back to bite the manager for what seems to feel like the 100th time this season.

This site keeps banging the drum and we’re even getting tired at doing it but please, Neil, GIVE YOUTH A CHANCE.

I’m not saying the younger players are the answer to all our problems but what I will say it would be much more engaging and helpful going forward to see what our younger, hungrier players can do in a first-team setting. Luca Connell is a name that comes to mind instantly.

I would have said Karamoko Dembele but he looks as if he’s preparing to exit the club.

Ewan Henderson is another guy who could use some game time. There are players currently out on loan who could have also been of help in the last few games to see what they could do.

Right now, the league is gone and the points deficit is already embarrassing, if Neil Lennon isn’t going to take the chance right now to bring on some youngsters then I don’t think he ever will.


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