Bernard Higgins will NOT be joining Celtic in any capacity after months of protests and resistance from the Celtic support.

A spokesperson for the soon to be retired Police Scotland officer revealed to SunSport there will be no cushy job for him in Paradise!

“To address recent speculation, I can confirm that I will not be joining Celtic FC when I retire from the police on 31 December 2021.”

To borrow a phrase from Celtic’s past: The Game is Over, the Rebels have won.

There was no doubt this move was on the cards and Celtic were well down the line with appointing Higgins to a senior safety role at the club.

Higgins headed up the harassment of football fans under the offensive behaviour act for years and caused misery to law abiding citizens.

The fact the club were pressing ahead and not engaging with the support over the issue was outrageous.

We’re glad to see Higgins will not be on the Celtic payroll — no doubt he will land on his feet elsewhere. However, it was important to Celtic supporters he wasn’t given a wage by our club.

Thankfully we can move on from this whole sorry episode and get behind the team. Silent protests have not been ideal but they were very necessary.

Well done to all.


  1. And now we are left with the green brigade in charge? I seriously don’t know if I feel any better. This could’ve been handled way better than it has and going forward I don’t think anything has been gained? Possibly the opposite.


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