NEIL LENNON has told Craig Levein “The gloves are off” after their Scottish Cup game at the weekend.

The former Celtic gaffer took exception to Levein’s comments about storing the ‘natural order’ of things with Hearts finally beating Hibernian for the first time in a while.

Asked today if he had calmed down since the game and those comments – Neil was pretty clear on how he sees things with the Hearts boss.

Celtic’s next two home games are against Hibernian and Hearts; playing both clubs within three days of each other.

One thing is for sure, the former Celtic gaffer will be treated with respect when he visits Celtic Park.



  1. Aye the wee huns are just the same as their glasgow counterparts.
    they think they have a God given superiority right.

  2. Sevco think they are a Scottish Giant in Football,Just because they wear a Dead Clubs Jersey Play at a Dead Clubs Stadium.They played there very first game as Sevco v Brechin.Old Firm?????No longer Exists.And as for Hearts!!!!!Just a poor mans Sevco.End Of…..

  3. No one should even give Sevco a mention.They arent worth talking About,New Club,Simple….Hearts are very much Older than this Jke from broke.The Jambos are just a Mini version of Sevco.Less said the Better..HH


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