The Green Brigade are famous for designing some sensational banners throughout their years but none resonate with more more tonight than two recent efforts.

Celtic went down to a hard working Gers team at Celtic park and some are treating it like the apocalypse while the usual suspects in the media punt the Ibrox revolution.

It’s not that good and it’s not that bad – going into the winter break we could be in a stronger position but we find ourselves ahead in the league on just two points having played a game more than our Glasgow rivals.

Thursday Flagship Podcast w/ Gianni Capaldi

After any Derby defeat, the reaction gives way to hyperbole – I’m not indulging. Instead, I’ll point to these two GB banners which perfectly sums up things for me.

The first one, brought out against Cluj in the Europa League – a banner which clearly sent the message one loss doesn’t define us, or our season and in European context that’s absolutely correct. Domestically, we can let this result on Sunday define us but we’ve been knocked down, it’s time to get back up.

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The second banner was at the start of this season when Celtic weren’t making any headway in the transfer market and the GB banner warned this board not to fall asleep at the wheel and let complacency best us. There is work to do and the club shouldn’t react out of this defeat but at least make sure they land their targets.

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Celtic have only lost two games and drawn one in the league. The defeat on Sunday seems like a massive step back but we must come back from adversity and continue to show the determination we saw in the last 11 games before the derby.

The Rangers are going to push us all the way and they showed they’re up for the fight – but so are we.


  1. Your continual hero-worship of the GB is ridiculous & embarrassing-their arrogance and pathetic attention seeking antics and our boards reluctance to act against them sums up the lack of direction from the top.


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