Stats are there to provide a plethora of information and can be manipulated in ways to make someone look better or worse depending on your angle – but there’s no positive way to swing this particular stat if you’re a staunch, brown brogue wearing member of ‘ra peepo’!

Since Celtic’s first defeat to the Ibrox club in the league, a lot has been made on social media about – and in particular, Alfredo Morelos has received a lot of praise for the game. We have a feeling; however, this is more to do with his actions towards Celtic players rather than anything real the Columbian did in the game.

It was a Celtic fan on the ball that noticed one glaring difference between the Ibrox striker and Celtic’s new loan signing Timothy Weah and we found it pretty hilarious.

This hilarious but true stat points out Timothy Weah’s goal against the club last season in the UEFA Youth Champions League where the striker scored to help beat Celtic 2-1.

In contrast, the Ibrox striker is STILL to break is Glasgow Derby duck. If there were an award for snarling, terrible haircuts or kicking out at opponents, he’d certainly be in with a chance.


  1. Morelos is worth Mullyinz a Yen.Or Sevco Tax Free Dollars.Shrekelos has scored a few goals but look at the opposition????Delusions of Grandeur over The Crumble Dome Way are just laughable.Never set foot in there Shithole and Never will.HH

  2. Morelos couldn’t score in a barrel of fannies, or with one of Glasgaes thrurtybob ho’s wae a diamond encrusted dick. The guy has a mooth like a overflowing ashtray and teeth like yella matchsticks. I fear for his boyfriend.


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