As computer game glitches go, this is pretty tremendous.

It’s the Bolingoli FIFA glitch!

We’re not sure if he’s at the wind up but One gamer took to social media today to show how during his games there was a random Bolingoli sitting static at the half way line during games – just staring out into the distance.

He’s in the line-up, squad selection page and just about everywhere.

FIFA has gone Bolingoli daft!

There’s always the odd glitch in games but this has to be up there with the best of them.

Bolingoli only signed for Celtic in the summer but has become somewhat of a cult hero already.

Starring in some great results and the Christmas advert.

If you were going to have a glitch in any game, why not have the Celtic defender loitering around your screen!

We’re hoping he makes an appearance in GTA and Mario Kart before too long.


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