If you lose a game and complain about the referee, you’re a sore loser. If you win a game and you complain about the ref; what’s the big deal? Move on! You’ve won the game.

The usual rhetoric from the ill-informed leaves no gaps to be able to legitimately question officials without being lambasted. Celtic won 2-0 last night in a game where the referee made some very odd calls.

First, there was a blatant and quite shocking looking tackle on James Forrest at the edge of St Johnstone’s box; many in the crowd suspected a red may follow but instead, the referee gave a free kick and barely gave Murray Davidson a second look.

It took Greg Aitken into late on in the second half to put the hatchet man in the book.

The worst decision of the night has to go to the decision not to award Celtic a penalty late on. Yes, the game was already won but it was so blatant and easy to see, we’re perplexed how the referee or linesman didn’t give this as a penalty.


  1. It never happened at the death star. It never happened at a sevco away game. It just happens that it there was no third or fourth linesman. As in uefa games. And you can’t find a uncorrupt official. When you need one. The Inverness cup game all over again. Sheeeeeeeetttttttttt.

  2. Watch the youtube film, “anyone but Celtic”, and you’ll see them at work. They show no shame for the bigoted ideals. Masons, orange order, everyone of them showing their sectarian roots. Last night the ref probably got a call before the game to keep the ‘for goals’ as low as possible. Every one of them, Hun b@srards. HH.

  3. Past & Present Officialdom, Same As Always, They Shall Never Change The Habits Of A Life Time, Exonerated From All Or Any Wrong Doing, (OPINION=What Someone Things About Something, Stubborn In Ones Opinion) (OPIONATED=Adamant, Biased, Bigoted, Prejudiced) !!!


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