With a figure for European competitions this season looking to surpass €3.25bn this will be the most lucrative ever Champions League and Europa League.

UEFA will pour €2.04bn (£1.83bn) into the Champions League this term with €510m (£478m) going to the Europa League.

This money will be distributed as we go but Celtic earn cash from all the qualifiers should they pass them. Even if they were to get knocked out of the competition at the playoff round and not make the group stage they would be getting a £4.5m payout from UEFA. That payment would disappear if Celtic win the playoff and make the Champions League

Group Stage qualification would bring €15.25m into Celtic coffers straight off the bat, of which €14.5m is paid up front. They then could top up their Euro earnings with every group stage win worth €2.7m and each draw is worth €900,000! This is before you take in three sellouts at Celtic Park or perhaps four for the playoff round also.

It seems unlikely but should Neil Lennon do what he did last time and help Celtic qualify for the last 16 the club would get another payment €9.5m.

Money that blows any argument out the water some Celtic fans would not care about Europe for the next two seasons while we’re chasing the ten.


  1. If you want to be the best team in any League in the world then you must have big money coming in,we need that money from Champions League to buy top players each year and to pay them a good wage for doing so..
    It is time that Celtic spend big for this coming season and then add only one or two players a year only when needed first we must win the League year after year and try to be in the Champions League groups as much as we can,lets do this Celtic be BOSS in Scotland first and buy the players we need to get us in Champions League….


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