The knives are well and truly out for Ange Postecoglou and Kris Commons appears to be leading the charge.

The former Celtic midfielder branded the Livingston defeat a ‘damaging affair’ and brought a halt to the honeymoon period Ange has had at the club.

Away results have not been good and the manager cannot be immune from criticism. CeltsAreHere’s instant match reaction on Sunday after the game was clear the manager has to carry the can. However, we want to be measured in our criticism, we’re still very early in an incredibly tough rebuild.

The manager is trying to do things in the backdrop of our basket case hierarchy interfering more than they should and the exit of Dom McKay just 72 days into his tenure.

No, it doesn’t excuse how poor we were against Livingston but it lends perspective.

We are further along in the rebuild than many thought we would be. I was sceptical we’d even make the Europa League. I was also sceptical we could have a team who could entertain and challenge this term. I know the jury is out on the challenge, but it’s clear if Ange can get his ducks in a row, we can push forward.

Kris gets paid to be negative about Celtic. Our website is here to put genuine Celtic fans opinions across. There’s not one person who has written for this site who isn’t a Celtic fans and while we all have our own opinions, they come from an organic and well meaning place.

Kris won’t make a living being positive about Celtic.

As cited by RecordSport, here’s what the former Hoops star had to say:

“Yesterday’s defeat at Livingston was a damaging affair for the new Celtic manager, wiping out a lot of the goodwill afforded to him by the fans.

“It brought to an end any sense of a honeymoon period. That’s all over and Postecoglou is now firmly under the microscope.

“Why? Because, for any Celtic manager, failure to beat the team who were bottom of the table at the start of play is totally inexcusable. Plain and simple.

“I know Celtic were missing a couple of key players in Callum McGregor and Kyogo Furuhashi. Postecoglou also opted to rotate his squad and freshen it up after European exertions in midweek.

“But that won’t wash. Not when you’ve just lost to the team who, prior to yesterday’s result, had been the worst team in the league over the first few weeks of the season.

“Even accounting for one or two players being absent or rotated, a massive club like Celtic should still have more than enough in reserve to get the job done at Livingston.”


  1. Sorry I fail to see anything wrong with what Commons says. And I think you will find that many Celtic supporters feel the same. To me that is the performance we can expect for half the season. The 6-0 games against the dross were the exception that was the rule. And that was abject. As bad as any game under Lennon/Kennedy. The worst start to any season for 20 years? That includes Mowbray. Remember Big Tony was gone by March. Do you see that team getting anything at Pittodrie or Easter Road. What has it done to team confidence and morale to lose a 2 goal league in one game and get beat against the worst team in the league the next. Not to mntion that the team was pretty gutless to start with. Kyogo covered up a lot. But with Kyogo and McGregor out Celtic will lose games. No question.

    • Agree with you John.
      Kris Commons is paid to give his honest opinion NOT to write negative stories about Celtic-the sooner everyone stops this nonsense about the whole media world being against us the better.
      Yesterday was a real reality check for us all.
      Livingston are not a good team, their points total before yesterday demonstrated that, yet we were unbelieveably poor, I never expected us to score, none of the outfield players had the bottle to take responsibility and we play far too many passes when we are near their box-McGregor is just as bad when he plays.
      Im still with Ange but we can have no more performances like yesterday

  2. The entitlement and lack of patience displayed by some Celtic fans is sickening. It’s a rebuild, it takes time. We’re six games into the league season. Give Ange this year to get the side he wants, which will take at least three transfer windows, then start chucking about your petty demands. A couple of weeks ago we were an Edouard mis-hit away from winning at Ibrox. Get some perspective.

  3. Jimbob away back to Walton mountain, you’re talking nonsense, you’re basically saying it’s OK to get gubbed by Livingston, you’re obviously quite happy to go along with anything, this title is huge ,£40 Mill worth in case you’ve forgotten that, don’t be so up your own erse.

  4. The problem with a fair few of our support is the can’t remember the baron years.. they have been brought up on success..
    I have a 10 year old Grandson who thought Rangers had cheated to win the league, I told him that was a different Rangers.. anyway we need to earn the right to win and these fans need to accept that success is not a given , and eventually the team needs a rebuild, which is what’s happening now… patience is key.. support to team.. support the manager .. 🍀⚽️🍀

  5. Yesterday was the ice bucket of water everyone needed. No more excuses. Time to get answers. No more snoozing on the park, nor boardroom. It’s wakey- wakey time for everybody. Mostly the support. As much as I care to admit it.

  6. Ira, I agree with everything you have said. Kick up the erse time. Livi had a plan, they stuck to it and won. Now watch every non footballing side try and copy it.

  7. Started watching the Hoops this season when I saw Ange had made the move from Asia. Give the man time and your Board will not affect the way goes about the task he is too professional. I follow Melb City here in our national league and except for a Cup win since the club was formed it has been a sparse time for the fans of the club except for last season when we bought home the bacon by winning the league title and championship and we have a long way to go to equal your Gaffers achievements when he was down here. Stick with him guys he will do good.


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