It’s a sad state of affairs media wise when Kris Boyd has spent so much time featuring in Celtic news over the past two weeks. His latest spew of vomit is a cringy embarrassing mess. How any editor thinks it is a good idea to roll a camera on such a dimwitted air head is astonishing.

The latest stupid looking grin on his “pundit” face is based on him admitting he doesn’t know anything while claiming he knows something. Questioned on his evidence of a “Celtic split in the dressing room” the Ex-Footballer (thats a dig) admitted he does not have a contact in the Celtic dressing room, his opinion is based on what he sees on the pitch.

Celtic fans were quick to put the boot in.

Brendan Rodgers has already giving Boyd some sound advice. That he should try concentrate on getting some game time with Kilmarnock. Judging by his stupid demeanour he’s happy with any kind of attention. It would take two or three good performances on the bounce for Celtic to silence some of the nonsense that has been spouted for the past few weeks. The sooner the better them performances come.

Feel free to continue the roast below.



  1. The guy is an arse and for whatever reason the BBC and Sky seem to give him a platform…shoddy and lazy journalism and Tom English should know better.

  2. Listen we need to stop reading and listening to crap from the media,and get back to doing what we do best doing our talking on the pitch by playing football how it should be played.
    Okay we may not win everything this season but if we win the league then i can tell the media this no one no one is going stop 10 in a row,this is SG last team they will not buy another one and there players are not much better than the top seven or eight teams in the league,its what BR is going do that will count bring in three or four new players ch cf and a midfielder..

  3. The guys a fud a bigoted one as well,how he gets a gig analysing football is beyond me,would be better of reporting on things he new opposed to made up shiiite


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