Celtic’s goalkeeping situation has been a farce this season. It CAN’T spill into next season or we can expect the same kind of results that buried our season early on this term.

Vasilis Barkas was brought in to be the number one but quickly fell out of favour, Bain came in and Neil Lennon decided he wasn’t the answer either, Conor Hazard then got a run and even became a penalty hero for Celtic in the quadruple treble final, then he was dropped for Barkas who Neil Lennon told us was his number one, only for him to be dropped for Bain four games later….are you caught up?

The goalkeeping situation and the constant defensive upheaval because of the lack of depth and quality has been our major undoing.

Whoever the manager is next season, they MUST get the goalkeeping situation right and the two men directly in front of them.

Links with David Marshall would see a short term fix for a long term issue. Should we be casting our net far and wide right now to figure out who should be Celtic’s next number one? If a new man comes in, can he build up Vasilis Barkas? Who knows.

Barkas has played 31 games and conceded 29 goals.

Bain has played 14 games and conceded 21 goals.

Hazard has played 11 games and conceded 6.


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