It has been a SEVEN month wait, but it’s finally here!

Today, the Celtic Park download patch came out for Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 and we have to say we’re impressed. If the wait was because they wanted to get the interior of the place spot on then they have done a really great job and were right to hold it back until it was ready.

Here is the opening sequence to a Glasgow Derby with a full stadium TIFO greeting the players coming onto the field. It looks pretty good!

The visuals are good. However, the atmosphere is just not quite there yet. I know we’ve been waiting for Celtic Park to be designed into a football game since football games have been in existence so we can’t be too critical because it’s better than nothing.

BUT there are a few things we picked up on. If you play the game with Liverpool, currently you get the full Anfield experience with even outside the ground designed to look similar to the real thing and the fans chanting you’ll never walk alone.

When the camera pans outside the ground, you don’t get to see the famous Celtic way and the fans do not sing our beloved anthem.

Overall a great effort but certainly room for improvement with new patches or for PES 2020!


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