BRENDAN RODGERS has called for patience in the case of Daniel Arzani as he looks to bring the player on from prospect to player.

The manager seemed surprised he has had to deal with questions about the young stars lack of involvement coming in so far when the winger has only been here three weeks.

Arzani is on a two-year loan deal giving the Celtic coaching team plenty of time to help bring the kid on in the coming months, slowly but surely.

However, anyone who was expecting the Australian World Cup sensation to go straight into a team who have won everything before them domestically for two seasons will be disappointed.

Speaking at his pre-match press conference the Irishman explained why Australia boss Graham Arnold came to visit Lennoxtown yesterday, why he was there, and his plans for the young midfielder.

“Graham was looking to come in and I think it’s great he’s come in all the way from Australia – obviously, they’ve had their training camp in Turkey and he’s gone around a number of the clubs.

“We had a really nice conversation around all the players, not just Daniel. It’s the first time I’ve met Graham but he’s a really good guy and I hope he does very well with the national team.

The manager pointing out that Arnold was also there to speak about Tom Rogic as well as young Leo Mazis who signed for Celtic not so long ago.

On the issue of Arzani – he made it clear the player just isn’t there yet.

“You have to remember Daniel hasn’t played 90 minutes of football, here or in Australia. This isa young player who burst onto the scene back home and rightly so was regarded as a talent.

“Thus far, he’s very new into his life as a professional and you have to also take into fact he’s only been with us for three weeks.

“If we were back in pre-season and players were back in, then they wouldn’t be at the stage they’d be ready to come in and play so many games.

“For Daniel, it’s the adaptation to the new country, club, new football and it’s just time.

“He’s a talented young player, and the thing about a talent is – can they then go from a talent to a professional.

“We need to help manage the expectation of him after bursting onto the scene in Australia.

“I think every young player in Australia hope they can be the next Harry Kewell, Harry was a real special talent. Daniel is a young boy that has talent and over the coming years, we’ll see if he has that commitment to go along with the quality he clearly has.

“That’s something that takes a little bit of time”

Whether Arzani can realise his potential and become a player like Harry Kewell remains to be seen but it’s an exciting proposition.


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