It is no surprise at this time of year the battle that Celtic have on their hands when it comes to a fixture pile-up. It should also be highlighted every season too and not taking for granted.

December is always the worse month of the year for Celtic with only 3 days off in between all three competitions. The Hoops will play six games in seventeen days before the winter break. During that time they will face Hibs, Hearts, Aberdeen as well as a Glasgow derby to finish the year off.

Luckily for Celtic, they have players returning from injury just at the right time. The team will travel to Romania next for their last group clash with Cluj. This is really the only game the Celtic boss will have to give some players a rest. Celtic have already qualified for the last 32 of the competition.

There will be a lot of tired legs from Sunday’s cup final when the team didn’t have their usual possession stats and had to chase the ball.


  1. Its not a 12 hour day or night job six or seven days a week for hundreds of £ they are Professional football players on thousands of £ yes tired legs after a game is a must if your doing your job right on the field Professional football players should be able to play three games a week with rest days between games look its not a nursery school or a old folks home if you pay big wages you want winners look real Professional players look after them self and keep them self fine tuned its tactics they need to know and then play as one a team full of Professionals will get the job done.look the difference between top teams is the best ones are full of more Professional players….


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