From what we can make out now, there are only two clubs opposed to calling the season as it stands. Hearts and Rangers. Hearts have some grounds for an argument, they are in a battle to avoid the drop, if the season had not have been interrupted they have every right to argue they could have stayed up, despite been rotten all season.

The Ibrox team, on the other hand, are 100% cutting their nose off despite their face. A report by the BBC said they had a 1.13% of winning the title this season. The only reasons they have to want the season void is their hatred of Celtic and watching the Hoops do nine-in-a-row and then going for that famous ten.

Livi manager Gary Holt is the latest SPFL manager to want Celtic crowned champions. Livingston has been Celtic’s bogey team this season but they still recognise champions when they see them.

Record Sport says Holt has asked the FA to take their lead from Belgium football who announced winners based on league standings last week.

“My message is to get it done, take the initiative and get it dealt with as we need to put these issues to bed and start sorting other things out. No matter what’s decided, it’s going to be brutal for some people” 

“But people are being paid very well to show leadership and make these huge calls, however painful they are.”

On the Belgium example the Livingston boss said:

“Scotland’s football bosses should follow suit – if it means Celtic are named champions and Hearts are relegated then so be it.

“I will congratulate Celtic as they’ve been the Premiership’s outstanding team and I will feel sorry for Hearts as it would be a terrible way to be relegated. But there are no easy decisions here.”


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