It isn’t usual to have so much debate about sectarianism in Scotland and in the mainstream media. It usually gets swept under the carpet. Every couple of years something forces people into bringing the subject to light, but not with any real interventions or outcomes for the future.

To prove this is the case again, The Rangers fans have sent Steve Clarke a nice message today while visiting Hamilton for league action. Many people believe it is impossible to rid society of bigoted racist intolerance. When you get to view the mindset of the “people” you are dealing with, it’s hard to cling onto any hope.

Steve Clarke very bravely came out and spoke about how he was treated at Ibrox during the week. His bravery has sparked some spotlight on the issue. But it’s hard to have any optimism of that light not dying out in the next few weeks like so many times before. Today’s banner all but confirms this.

Brendan Rodgers, Chris Sutton and Dave King all came out publically to back Steve Clark. The Rangers* fans have made a mockery of Dave King’s statement with today’s display. The irony is, they just turn more people off them, including future managers, coaches and players.



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