BBC PUNDIT Michael Stewart has branded the songs at Ibrox an absolute disgrace after a large portion of the home support were heard singing vile sectarian songs and even one that gloried in the death of Celtic’s famous Lisbon Lions.

You would think a win against the Scottish Champions would mean they would steer their songbook towards the players on the pitch but, no.

Stewart called out Neil Doncaster for hollow words during the week and asked what would actually be done about the vast majority of fans at Ibrox indulging in what can only be described as archaic and moronic behaviour.

They have embarrassed their club and their team on a day where it should have been about celebrating a win.

What’s the difference between a Celtic fan and a Rangers fan?

Celtic fans will always sing about things they love.

Gers supporters will always sing about everything they hate and don’t they just live to hate.


  1. As I have said before like minds infect each other when confined. As much as I admire the tenant of free speech in society. There are some things that should be thought alone and never uttered in public. I hope that rifc are happy with their ‘Derry walls’ siege mentality.

    These cancerous mindsets must be removed from football. But the Sfa, will leave it to rifc to sort during the summer break. MY ARSE.

  2. The Lisbon Lions did Scotland and Britain proud with their achievement of winning the European cup and carried it through life with a pride and dignity.The mongrels who sang the bile and hatred yesterday are a symptom of a club who’s policy
    is steeped in hatred and intolerance of people’s faith let THEM speak out and condemn it once and for all? I won’t be holding my breath.


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