Popular financial football website this Swiss Ramble took to social media to discuss Aberdeen and their finances but in doing so shone a light on the major gap between Celtic and The Rangers when it comes to generating profit.

As you can see from the bar below, Celtic’s profit after tax is £11.3m for the 18/19 season – not bad considering we had no Champions League football within that time period. The money we’re generating buying players low and selling high is a model which is sustaining Celtic.

In contrast, we have the other side of Glasgow who are operating at heavy losses just to stay onto the coattails of the Scottish Champions.

We have one well run club and one basket case doing their best to throw money and rack up debts trying to stop us. It’s crazy how this practice is allowed to go on in our game after the old Rangers fell into administration and then liquidation.

The governing body seemingly not caring how the Ibrox club go about their business – as long as they are up there trying to challenge Celtic.


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