IF you want an insight into how we’ve struggled this season then look no further than the clip below.

At the start of the season, Celtic were in a great position but it all started to unravel when we were booted out of the Champions League qualifiers by a very average Athens side. Once there was no Tuesday or Wednesday night football the decision was made for Moussa Dembele – he was leaving the building.

When you set up a team around your top striker, when he leaves just 48 hours before the transfer deadline then you have a major problem and its manifested itself time and time again this season. Celtic have rarely hit their scintillating best and have struggled through games – Dembele’s absence is there for all to see.

We’re not blaming Dembele here, circumstances at the time meant it was very difficult to find a new striker before the summer window closed. However, it was absolutely criminal in January when there was still no answer to the striker question and that’s with the knowledge Leigh Griffiths out. Bayo has come in, not been fit, been fit then didn’t get played and now he’s injured so we just don’t know what we have.

When you look back at our invincible season, we had three guys firing on all cylinders. Moussa Dembele, Stuart Armstrong and Paddy Roberts. Three men playing their football elsewhere now. It’s hard to plug those creative gaps but the recruitment has been shocking.

So I say again if you want to know why we’ve struggled this season and struggled yesterday – just look at what we’re missing! This was Moussa on Sunday evening for Lyon.

It’s a testament to the bhoys they’ve managed to win the double and have a chance at the treble under the circumstances. Performances haven’t been there but results have come when we needed them.


  1. Edouard , a far lesser talent than Dembele, and not as good a striker as Griffiths, has been left to carry the can up top. Very big ask. Thankfully we won the title, but if we want a better bash at the CL, and to ensure continued domestic dominance, we need to strengthen significantly

  2. Any one got the balls to ask peter lawwell, how long does he intend to keep his job, and is he part of the solution or is he part of the problem


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